The lifespan of a Solar Panel

A solar panel lifespan is usually around 30 years, although well-maintained panels have been known to last up to 40 years. With continuing advances in solar panel technology, it is entirely conceivable that this longevity will increase further in the coming years.

Solar Panel Performance Over Time:

The first ten years generally make it possible to benefit from all the power offered by a solar panel. In the ten years that follow, it is possible to hope for around 90%. It is almost 80% of the initial power that the panels can continue to deliver in the third decade.

Tips for maintaining your solar panels:

  • Quarterly inspection: Solar panels often are installed on the rooftop. These are prone to the accumulation of waste particles flowing in the air. Keep inspecting your solar panels frequently. Clean up the dirt or pollen accumulated to ensure that there is no loss of power.

  • Cleaning & taking care of your solar panels: To maximize the effectiveness of your solar panels, firstly,  you need to keep them free of dust, dirt, and leaves. This is especially important during Harmattan in order to maintain peak energy levels.


Using these preventative maintenance tips will go a long way towards your solar system’s longevity and efficiency. Going solar is always a great option as it is clean electricity, saves your electricity bill, and in most cases, it hardly costs you a penny for maintenance.


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