Energy Conservation 101: How to Spend Less on Electricity

Energy conservation is the process of reducing the amount of electricity you use. Let’s be honest, though, it can be a big turn off (no pun intended)! Just Google energy conservation and you start to see people telling you to unplug your appliances and a whole list of other chores that make life more complicated. It seems intimidating at first. Can’t this be easy??

Just like we can take a look at the basics of solar energy systems to make them less intimidating, we can look at the basics of how you can spend less on electricity and save money in your home, office, or business.

Methods of Energy Conservation

There are so many ways to conserve energy. Most of it involves using fewer devices that are energy-consuming whenever possible or relying on energy-efficient products and practices. Here are some simple ways you can conserve energy and become more energy efficient:

1. Purchase Energy-Saving Gadgets

These gadgets require less energy to work thereby helping you spend less on power. Some of the examples of these gadgets are smart sockets, eco chargers, energy monitors, etc. Smart sockets can be plugged into standard outlets and help to cut out power to devices that are in standby mood. Eco chargers turn themselves off after your devices such as your phone or computer are fully charged because regardless of whether or not you are using them, electronics still take up energy. Energy monitors show which appliances are taking up the most power and even show you how much energy you can save if you make changes to your energy use. (Having a remote monitoring inverter ,and good internet connection can help you monitor your energy usage)

2. LED Light Bulbs Are Life Savers

Light bulbs are a necessity in every home or place of business, however, it is one of the fastest ways that energy can be used up. Now, this is where LED light bulbs change the game because they use far less energy to create the same amount of light given off by an incandescent bulb. They also light up immediately after being turned on, don’t flicker when dimmed, and consume no power when turned off. They may be more expensive than regular light bulbs but they will help you save energy and last longer.

3. Plant Shady Landscaping

To protect your home from the intensity of the sun on very hot days and make it cooler, planting shady landscaping by your window is the way to go. This way, you always have a cool shade to hinder the sun from shining directly into your home.

4. Substitution Helps

Substituting certain devices for others can help you conserve energy efficiently. Using the fan instead of the air conditioner, hang-drying instead of using the dryer, washing dishes by hand instead of using a dishwasher, swapping incandescent light bulbs for LED light bulbs etc. The same goes for water heating: using cold water for regular tasks, from washing dishes to washing clothes, will conserve a lot of energy over time.

5. And, yes… Unplug…

One of the most effective methods to conserve energy is to unplug devices that require a lot of energy. But, this can be a big turn off (pun intended this time ;-). I always feel myself saying, “I want to spend less money on energy, not spend more time on energy!” Really, what we all want is: Less power, and less wahala!

It’s easy to think of unplugging your appliances as an extra task in a long day that’s already too busy–running from room to room, anxious about appliances that might still be plugged in. No thank you! Less wahala, please!

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, we have the opportunity to connect our interest in unplugging appliances to our interest in “unplugging” from all the distractions in our life. Unplugging can actually be a way of being less busy rather than more busy.

The folks at Intentionally Unplugged encourage us to find ways to limit our digital distractions to find more joy in life. They even have a free guide that can help you think about how you want to spend your time.

So, when you think about unplugging, don’t just think about unplugging televisions, computers, and air conditioners when not in use. Think about what rooms you want to be unplugged in? What time of the day do you want to be unplugged? What activities will you do with your family when you’re unplugged?

Do you have other questions about improving your energy experience? Visit our website or give us a call at 09085187351 to begin your solar energy journey.

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