From Passion to Leadership: Salim Adamu’s Journey with Aspire Power Solutions

June 13, 2023

In every organization, some individuals embody the spirit of passion, dedication, and growth. Today, we have the privilege of shining the spotlight on Salim Oluwaseun Adamu, the exceptional project manager at Aspire, popularly called Lamar by his friends back in school.

In our conversation, Salim shares insights from his early beginnings as an intern to assuming the role of a project manager, and the values that drive him both personally and professionally.

Team Aspire (T A): Tell us a little bit about yourself

Salim: I consider myself an enthusiastic environmentalist. I care about the environment a lot, and I am compassionate, not just for the environment, but for people too.

T A: Describe yourself in 3 words

Salim: Compassionate. Athletic. Religious.

T A:  What are the 5 things you can not do without? 

Salim: I can’t do without praying, reading books and working out. I can’t seem to think of anything else I can’t do without for now.

T A: How did you join Aspire Power Solutions?

Salim: After I finished University, I went for my NYSC program and that was where I got to learn more about solar system installation. After my 1-year service, I started working with someone briefly and found out about Energy Talent Company, which is an organization that trains people on solar installation and outsources their trainees to solar companies after the program. 

I joined the company and was outsourced to Aspire as a solar technician intern for six weeks.

T A: How did you get into your current role as a Project Manager at Aspire?

Salim: After my six weeks internship with Aspire, I was retained on contract. A year later, the project manager left the company and the role was open for a while. I had gotten a good understanding of what the role entails, so I offered to take up the role till the company found a replacement. After taking up the responsibility for a while, I was told to own the role permanently. 

T A: As the project manager, what does a workday currently look like for you?

Salim: The role is dynamic and there’s a lot of flexibility involved. My itinerary for the day depends on the number of projects at hand. When there are ongoing projects, I have to prepare and make sure everything needed for the smooth execution of the project is in place, which involves constant communication across all the teams. My job cuts across the initiation, planning and execution of any project, and when there are no ongoing projects, I do a lot of documentation, accessories tracking and follow-up calls on recent installations.

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T A: How has your experience been with the company so far?

Salim: Aspire has really given me a platform to grow. I have learnt a lot so far, and I have also been able to transition into the new role seamlessly. All of it means a lot to me, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

T A: What have been some of your biggest accomplishments in the company? 

Salim: Every project we execute successfully is always an achievement to me.

T A: What is your favourite thing about working with the company?

Salim: Number one is the flexibility, the fact that I don’t have to go to the office every day. Secondly, the dressing. Aspire is a technology company, so I don’t have to dress in a corporate way and I really like that.

T A: Who are some of your biggest inspirations within the company?

Salim: The first person is Mustapha. He is the definition of a leader and someone that I love to listen to whenever I get the opportunity to speak to him on a one-on-one basis because there is always something to learn from him. Every other person in the company also serves as an inspiration because I believe there is always something to learn from everyone.

T A: Who are some of your biggest inspirations outside the company?

Salim: Elon Musk is the biggest one so far. He is ambitious and the real definition of determination. Then there’s Richard Branson – he’s the kind of dynamic entrepreneur that I intend to be someday. Also, his persistence and willingness to differ from the majority are qualities that I find really inspiring. 

T A: Who is your favourite person at Aspire and why?

Salim: I like everyone at Aspire, because it’s like a small family. If I’m to pick one person, however, I will say Damilare. For every project we’ve worked on together, he has this philosophy that nothing is impossible. When I was still in the installation team, we got paired a lot and I noticed that whenever there is a challenge on site, especially when I feel stuck, he always comes up with ideas that will be a solution to the problem.

Salim’s journey with Aspire is a testament to the possibilities that arise when we combine our passions with a sense of purpose. With individuals like Salim at the forefront, Aspire continues to drive positive change by providing a better energy experience for Nigerians.

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