WattsUP Quarterly (Edition II): The era of subsidized power is officially over

July 6, 2023

In the last edition of WattsUP Quarterly, the removal of fuel subsidy was a possibility we mentioned. Right now, it is our reality and the era of any form of subsidized electricity is officially over as tariffs are set to increase by up to 30-40% from 1st July 2023.

We have done the maths and compared the running cost of a generator to a solar setup that powers a home 24/7, and from our calculations, the latter is indeed a more cost-effective, reliable and stress-free option.

Yes, we know that Solar requires high upfront capital. We make adoption easier with our financing structure that allows you to pay only 30% upfront and spread payments for up to 12 months. This covers for both new systems and upgrades.

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 💡 Aspire News

We partnered with UK-based energy company to launch the enee.io monitoring solution in Nigeria. Usually, you can only monitor the entirety of a solar system, but this solution allows you to monitor individual battery performance, enabling you to detect problems much faster and extend the life of your system. 

During the launch which happened live in Lagos, there was a demonstration of how the solution works, and a session where we discussed its place in the Nigerian market.

Meet Salim, the one who ensures that your installations are well planned and delivered timely. He shares insights from his early beginnings as an intern to assuming the role of a project manager, and the values that drive him both personally and professionally. Read our chat with Salim here

👌 Customer Testimonial

“Getting a solar system from Aspire is probably the best decision I’ve made in a very long time”

Here’s a fun fact about Mr Somto’s purchase:

We installed his system a day before the country went on lockdown in March 2020. As a professional who works remotely, he has never had to hassle for fuel or worry about being productive at work for over 3 years now. 

Click to watch Mr Somto’s testimonial

📖 Valuable Resources

  • For World Environment Day, we discussed “Going Green” with Dr Adenike Akinsemolu who is an environmental microbiologist, a published author and a Vanguard Fellow at the University of Birmingham. She is also the Director of The Green Institute.
  • “According to a report by Global Food Pre Network, we are currently consuming resources 1.75 times faster than we are regenerating them. This overconsumption leads to deforestation, habitat destruction, and further worsens the environmental challenges that we face”Read more interesting facts on sustainability practice
  • Tired of battling energy wastage with the little ones at home?
    Check out this Chidren’s Day special where we shared tips and tricks on how to inspire energy conservation in kids. 

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Enjoy a better energy experience today.

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