We Aspire

Aspire is removing frustration and disappointment from your energy experience. We Aspire to a Better Energy Experience. Let us show you what that means.

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Aspire’s Core Values

Aspire strives to embody safety, openness, integrity, and innovation. In serving our customers and collaborating with team members, we hold one another accountable to our culture of creativity, humility, and continuous learning. By living these values we aspire to maximize our individual and collective impact

Our Vision

Through innovations in customer experience, financing and intelligent technology, Aspire is enabling an efficient prosumer network, protecting the environment, and improving air quality by building the world’s most interconnected Distributed Energy Utility

Our Mission

Aspire Power Solutions Africans a better energy experience through safe, affordable, reliable, and trusted service

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Our Customers

Have you ever been disappointed by grid outages? Have you every been frustrated by rising fuel prices? Have you ever been annoyed with the blaring sound of your generator? You’re not alone! Aspire was built to serve you and provide you a Better Energy Experience.

Our Approach

Each and every client we serve is unique. That’s why our process always starts with the same step:
Getting to know your energy needs.

Energy Audit

Project Planning



Meet The Team

At Aspire, we have a dedicated team collaborating closely to provide you a
Better Energy Experience

Rotimi Thomas
Rotimi Thomas CEO
Mustapha Abokede
Mustapha Abokede
Mustapha Abokede Director, Retail
Tomiwa Igun
Tomiwa Igun
Tomiwa Igun Director, Finance

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